Everyday Lions Running Podcast

Episode number 35 Everyday Lions podcast with Amy Lemprecht

December 15, 2020

Amy Lamprecht needs no introduction in the Australian Trail running scene having won the Australian Ultra Trail Australia 100km race and representing Australia at the 2016 World Trail Championships. Amy is from Launceston and works at both Find Your Feet and The Running Company retail running stores. For a bucket list run she ran from Devonport to Dover along the Tassie trail (450km ).If all this was not enough she recently finished 6th overall in ( second female) in the Coast to Kosciusko Mountain Run which is a 246km journey and in the process experiencing  heat, wind and dehydration. Her partner John Claridge and her run the organisation Ultrain which holds group running holidays and evens and in particular the Triple Top mountain run.

I appreciated Amy’s time and have so much respect for anyone crazy enough to run these distances. Enjoy!!

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